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More pictures of the cake we made for hieropierrot! The inside was red velvet cake dyed black and white cake dyed red, with cream cheese frosting (also dyed red). impureimpulse made the caution tape and the sign out of yellow sugar sheet paper marked with a black candy marker, and the Shadows out of edible baker’s clay (which tastes like play-doh…) I rolled out the fondant into the classic Magatsu pattern and applied it, then did the lettering (which, of course, says “the world is full of shit”). 

We’re pretty proud of it for our first time using a lot of these techniques!! It tasted pretty good, too. :d

I’m still surprised I didn’t just bust out in manly tears.
Again thank you from my entire heart for it. 

Also wish everyone else luck for the cakes too and it’d be really neat to see more SMT foodstuffs.

I joked about it, and then peer pressure made it happen  and it was decided it’d be too IC to pass up. I swear I’m not actually this much of an asshole.

But seriously, I wish I could share it with you all. <3

Line did the gif’n

I’ve always wanted gifs of Adachi smashing cake into his face on my blog, and lo!

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Orenchi no Furo Jijo Episode 3:Takasu,Wakasa and Tatsumi 
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liara tries ice cream for the first time, has deeply spiritual experience


liara tries ice cream for the first time, has deeply spiritual experience

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I made a froakie cake roll  and it turned out adorable

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LotR + Blades

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